About Us

The History of Kap’s Resort
Like the way it was constructed, the story of Kap’s Resort is in itself an unfolding narrative.
The original plan Capt. Cornelio, its owner, had in mind was merely to build a coffee shop with two rooms, after having met a French couple looking for a decent place to stay in Valencia.
The couple found peace in Valencia with its fantastic views of the sea, the rushing waters of Badjang, and even the undiscovered forest of Omjon. But they
did not have any place to stay.

As the rooms and coffee shop were being built, Capt. Cornelio was encouraged to expand the original concept to include a swimming pool, a restaurant, and even additional rooms in the upper levels. Gradually, as the resort was taking shape, Capt. Cornelio drew inspiration from his more than two decades of life at sea. From the façade to the pool,
Kap’s Resort is truly a reflection of Capt’ Cornelio’s passion for ships.

Today, the story of Kap’s Resort remains to be unfolding. But even so, it already stands as a forerunner in entertaining guests and friends to Valencia. In addition, it now plays host to formal events, conferences, and even birthday parties.

Indeed, the French couple Capt. Cornelio met years ago will find their new home at Kap’s Resort. And we hope you will, too.

Visitors will also be thrilled to know that alongside Kap’s Resort are additional projects Capt. Cornelio is spearheading at a beach in Dimiao and a golf course in Valencia.

Thank You For Visiting Kap’ Resort “Welcome Aboard”